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THE ANNUAL PICNIC DATE HAS CHANGED.  THE NEW DATE IS AUGUST 27th. The annual picnic will be held  at the … More

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations 2018 Dream-Team meeting

March 17, 2018 may seem far into the future, but to have a successful St. Patrick’s Day celebration means the … More

August 2017 AICS Board Meeting

  August 2017 AICS Board Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 5 at 10 a.m.  Location to be decided.  Mary … More

Save the date….AICS Annual Picnic August 20

The AICS Annual Picnic will be Saturday, August 20 from noon until 4 p.m. at St. Birgitta’s grove, 11820 NW … More

Summer Festivals — A successful AICS presence depends on you!

Upcoming Festivals Highlander Festival in Kelso – September 9 and 10 Beaverton International Festival new date is September 16 Celtic … More

Famine Memorial 2017

The AICS annual Memorial Day ceremony to honor the bravery of those who came from Ireland to North America between 1845 … More

Jim O’Connell Adds Poetry to Famine Memorial

Jim O’Connell’s readings on a gray Memorial Day morning added context to the memory of a time of great sorrow … More

Oregon Famine Memorial Monument on Memorial Day

For several years the All-Ireland Cultural Society has laid a floral wreath at the Oregon Famine Memorial Monument on Memorial … More

AICS Appreciation Dinner 2017

Nearly 40 AICS members and guests joined together on a sunny May 21 for a dinner to appreciate the efforts … More

Irish Language Services

Dr. Séamus Dillon from Cork, Ireland, wrote that he is offering online language classes (at all levels) to interested people.  … More